TGGC - The Green Gauge standard Committee

Work and Research

TGGC works for end users, policy makers, and technology providers, and works to improve resource efficiency of data centers by identifying issues that are of concern to the industry and introducing tools, metrics, guidelines, measurement standards, and metric certification framework that are open to the industry, domestically and internationally. It works closely with international colleagues and relevant organizations to draw on the best minds in the industry and provides a bridge between the Chinese data center industry and data center industry globally to enable great ideas to flow freely without boundaries and to benefit all.


Power Usage Effectiveness(PUE) was an important indicator used to measure how efficiently a data center uses energy. TGGC actively promotes PUE index and makes it better applied in practice through technical standards and test evaluation.


Infrastructure Usage Effectiveness(IUE™) is a new research by TGGC. This metric addresses one of the most important challenges that data center owners face. IUE™ in its current form includes five (5) infrastructure resource elements.


Except PUE and IUE,TGGC will carry out more technical research around the whole life cycle of data center and provide more XUE research results. Welcome the enterprises and experts in the industry to participate in the technical research of TGGC.


TGGC organizes experts in the industry to set up, discuss and issue relevant standards, and promotes the implementation of relevant standards. The projects include: Data Center Design PUE evaluation, operation PUE evaluation, Indoor Modular Data Center PUE Test, Partial PUE for Air Conditioning Systems Test, "Green level of data center" evaluation, etc.

PUE test for products

Include:Indoor Modular Data Center PUE Test, Partial PUE for Air Conditioning Systems Test,etc. The test was carried out in the identified experimental environment. Relevant standards:TGGCTS001-2018,TGGCTS002-2018.

PUE for data centers

Include:Data Center Design PUE evaluation, operation PUE evaluation and test,etc.These data centers include the data centers to be built and operated. It also includes the PUE test is not in the experimental environment.

Green level of data center

It evaluates and comprehensively scores data center from three dimensions of energy efficiency, energy-saving technology and green management, corresponding level (A-AAAAA).